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A message from one of our Team Managers

I just wanted to touch base with you, I’m sure you are aware our teams have exploded this term, 7 teams and I’m looking at bringing in a bunch of preps.

I wanted to take the opportunity to reach out and let you know that I couldn’t have put these teams together without the support of Lucas & Kelly. At the start of Term 1 I was very very very very overwhelmed at the thought of trying to put teams together, contacting parents, trying to get parents to coach etc…… its not the easiest thing to do for a single mum who works full time. BUT… I had the full support from Lucas & Kelly, they calmed me down when I was panicking on how I would do it, they gave me the resources to give out to parents (your VPS flyers) and coached me on how to deal with very difficult parents. I am constantly on the phone to them about players, payments, teams, uniforms, game times…..

My kids also had the opportunity to attend the basketball clinic on the school holidays, and some other kids from our school. The parents and I thought it was really well run on the day, Lucas was so amazing with the kids, he showed so much patience and made the training heaps of fun for the kids. I think he has many little fans, lol

Lucas has also been a great support to me at the games on Fridays, and he’s helped me with all that I have asked of him.

Honestly without Lucas and Kelly to support our teams and me I don’t think I could organise 7 teams to be playing with VPS, they both are a real credit to VPS!!!