Victorian Primary School Basketball League

Coaching hints and tips

Shooting Tips:

Form Shooting – Sit in a chair or on the ground, work on your shooting form (you can do this before bed or watching TV), keys;

  • Make sure you have your elbow in an L shape and tucked in
  • Make sure you extend your arm when you are shooting
  • Make sure you hold your follow through
  • Make sure you keep your guide hand solely guiding the ball
  • The ball should come back down directly to you if you are doing it correctly
  • Keep good height on the ball when you shoot

Dribbling Tips:

Ball Handling – Do 50 dribbles each move; you can do such moves as;

  • Right & left Hand low & high dribbles (50 each one)
  • Crossover dribbles (50)
  • Between the legs (50)
  • Behind the back (50)
  • Figure 8 (50)

Defensive Tips:

Defensive Slides – slide side to side 3-4 steps each way 10 times. Keys;

  • Make sure you don’t cross your feet while you are sliding
  • Make sure you don’t jump while you are sliding, stay low
  • Time yourself so you can see if you are getting quicker each time you go

Coaching includes Australian 3×3 representative and Darren Perry, Head Coach of the Australian U/19 Mens’ basketball team and Victorian U/18 Mens’ Basketball team.

Sub sheets

Sub sheets can be a handy tool to help coaches with subs. Sometimes it can be hard to remember who has been on and off the court while you are concentrating on coaching.

A simple spreadsheet with names down one column and times across the page will take away the stress of ensuring kids are getting fair court time.

Mark off the kids who start off the court and go from there.

Also if you sub approximately every 4 minutes, this will help rotate kids through.

Positive Language / Encouragement

Positive encouragement from coaches will go a long way to contribute to a great experience and will also bring out the best in the team.

Think about using positive language with your team. For example:

  • ‘Let’s focus on running back on defense so we can cover the fast breaks’ rather than ‘we’re not getting back on defense’
  • ‘We are doing well on rebounding and now we need to focus on passing the ball up the court’ rather than ‘We are not passing up the court’
  • ‘Let’s concentrate on making good passes’ … rather than ‘stop making turnovers or bad passes’

Team Culture / Sportsmanship

Team sports are a great way for kids to learn how to be a great teammate and to show great sportsmanship.

Coaches can play an important role in this by leading and encouraging the right behaviours. For example:

  • Encourage kids to support each other
  • Cheer their teammates on when they are on the bench
  • High 5 teammates when they come in for a time out
  • Always ensure kids are shaking hands with the other team at the end of the game
  • Teach kids about being gracious when they win and also when they lose


Set your team a mini weekly challenge to encourage extra practice at home. For xxample:

  • Dribble 100 times on your left and right hand
  • Get a family member to catch 50 chest passes and 50 bounce passes