Victorian Primary School Basketball League

VPS Basketball League : Rules of the game.

  • Teams can have a maximum of 10 players on the team sheet.
  • Each team is allowed 5 players on the court at any one time. A minimum of 4 players on the court from each team is required to start the game.
  • Substitutions – Teams can make a ‘sub’ as many times as they like throughout the game. Prior to a substitution, the coach must notify the referee of their intent to make a ‘sub’.
  • Substitutions can only be made during stoppage of play.
  • Game clock begins exactly on the game ‘start’ time, even if the teams are not ready to take the court. This allows the following game to start and run on time.
  • Games consist of 2×18 minute halves, A 2-minute half time break is given and will countdown on the game clock.
    Each team has 1 time out per half.
  • Game clock stops on the referee’s whistle in the last minute of the game if the scores are within 8 points.
  • Backcourt violation – Only applies to Grades 5 & 6. The team with possession of the ball has 10 seconds to bring the ball over the half court line. Referees to initially give a warning of this rule and thereafter enforce.
  • 5 seconds in the key– This only applies to Grades 5&6. Referees to initially give a warning to players and thereafter enforce.
  • Scoring Points – Each basket during regular play inside the 3-point line registers ‘2 points‘ Outside the 3-point line ‘3 points‘ Foul shots ‘1 point’.
  • Free throws – Distance reduced by 1 metre for Grades 1-4. Regulation free throw line applies for Grades 5&6. Referee to advise.
  • Player Fouls – 5 fouls maximum for each player. If a player reaches 5 fouls, the scorers bench is to notify the referee that the player has fouled out with 5 fouls and is no longer able to play in the game.
  • Team Fouls – When a team reaches 9 fouls against in one half of play then 2 shots are awarded on the 9th foul, subsequent fouls are awarded two shots. Foul count resets start of each half.
  • Win= 3 points, Draw= 2 points, Loss =1 point. No show or forfeit results in an automatic 3 points win.
  • Ring height lowered for Grade 1-2 where possible. Normal height applies for Grades 3-6.
  • The Mercy rule applies when a game margin is greater than 10pts in difference at any stage of the game. The team with the 10+ point lead MUST move back behind the half court line until the ball enters the front court after a basket has been scored.
  • 10pt Player Rule
    1.1) When a game margin is greater than 10pts – a player who has scored 10 or more points in that game will not be allowed to score anymore points – encouraging all players to score.
    1.2) NOTE: If the game margin is within a 10pt margin no matter what the actual scores are or time of game, the 10pt player rule does NOT exist. 

    1.3) NOTE: If a team comes back from a 12pt deficit to a 10pt deficit,the player who has scored 10pts can now score again then must stop/or know that the players points will not be counted.

  • Referees to assist in coaching the players while implementing the rules of the game in Grades 1-2. They should not slow down the game, but help the players understand rules as the game progresses.
  • Score keepers and clock management. Each team is to nominate an adult to either operate the game clock and/or scoresheet. (Referees to assist where needed.
  • Fill in players – Teams can field a ‘fill in’ player providing that player is not in a Grade level above and ideally attends the same school.
  • Grading – Teams will be graded by VPS Basketball League and may occur throughout the season.
  • Any disputes please contact the stadium convenor or in writing to VPS Basketball league.