Victorian Primary School Basketball League

grand final week

Grand Finals this Friday

Friday December 13 is Grand Final night for the Grade 1/2 and Grade 3/4  Leagues.

Family and friends of the players as well as interested people from the involved Primary Schools are invited to come along to Dandenong Stadium to watch the final games of the season.


A Grand Final: Kingswood G1/G2 White v Rosewood Downs Thunder
4:45 pm on court V1

B Grand Final: Kingswood G1/G2 Red v Rosewood Downs Lightning
4:45 pm on court V2


A Grand Final: Rosewood Downs Heat v Kingswood Kings
5:30 pm on court V1

B Grand Final: Silverton 3/4 v St Paul Apostle South Panthers
5:30 pm on court V2